Самые забавный и честный комментарий на счет чердака Ким Кардашиян на обложке Paper кажется дал Tom Edwards – ведущий подкаста The Stack на Monocle 24:

Whether it’s good or not depends on your criteria. Graphic design used to be called ‘commercial art’ and on that basis this is a great cover. It’s everywhere and they’re going to shift a lot of units. Is it ‘good’ from a design viewpoint? Well, I wouldn’t buy it – I think it’s gratuitous. I don’t want to know about Kim Kardashian’s shiny arse far less see it hanging out all over my newsstand! It follows you around the room like the Mona Lisa’s eyes; it’s haunting. But I think the publishers will be delighted.

Kim's Ass VS Mona Lisa Eyes

Kim’s Ass VS Mona Lisa Eyes

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